Security sure is very thorough nowadays!<br />
This was inspired by an incident that<br />
happened to me in Toronto July 2003.
Security sure is very thorough nowadays!
This was inspired by an incident that
happened to me in Toronto July 2003. Vis mer

Comic strips

Kunstneren som har tegnet disse stripene har fått tips fra lesere på sin nettside om forskjellige ting som har skjedd på flyplasser når de har vært der. Dette har inspirert henne til å tegne situasjonene, for å se det komiske i det.

Travelling solo means taking your bags with you everywhere - even the bathroom! Vis mer
This is a parody of actual incidents where passengers have been mugged on the tarmac of the airport in Lagos, Nigeria in past years. Apparently there has been a crackdown and things are better now.
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Going through the San Francisco airport in June 2003, I couldn't help but be annoyed by these random security searches. Come on, can a single mother with two small, screaming children really be suspected terrorists? Vis mer
Ever wonder if those announcements about not leaving your bags unattended are just the airport's idea of pissing off single travellers? Or do they have a bomb squad ready when unattended bags are spotted?

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Port Moresby, New Guinea:

Like a scene out of a Hollywood movie, a traveller entered the airport terminal just in time to witness a shoot-out between police and a local gang. Casualties: 3 dead youths, 1 dead cop and 2 dead airport workers who were standing 10 metres away from the witness!

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Inspired by Davey's London Heathrow experience. Vis mer
Flight delays can happen to the best of us.
Inspired by this Bombay experience.

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Who needs the bathroom when you can take care of your personal hygiene at your gate?
Inspired by Carroll Chandler's experience in San Francisco and Neenah Lewis's experience in Athens

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Need some privacy? Try sleeping under the chairs.
Inspired by Ryan Corven's New Orleans experience.

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