Over 20 millioner dollar i cash

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Dear Esteemed Friend,

I have sent you this mail because of the need to open discussions with you. I don't want you to misunderstand this offer in any aspect, if it is okay with you I ask for your full cooperation.

I am Mr. Patrick. I wish to invest in a stable economy; my interest is in investment areas with potentials for rapid growth in long Terms. If your country's law allows foreign investors, I have cash of Over Twenty Million US Dollars and I am ready to invest part of it with you as my partner, Pending when both of us agrees on a particular terms. I hope that I can Trust you with the above amount.

Please, get back to me with if you are capable of handling the above amount for the purpose of investments. I want you to note that this is not a humanitarian business venture as there is a lot of money to be made by all parties that are involved in this transaction and for this all parties must participate financially and otherwise to make this transaction a smooth one.