Enkel overvåking av barnevakten

Amerikanere stoler selvsagt ikke på barnevakten, da er kanskje 490 dollar en lav pris å betale for litt ekstra trygghet?

Som de sier selv hos Spook Tech:

  • Often to our regret... we spend more time checking the cost of a new vehicle or obtaining a second opinion than researching the person entrusted with our children.

    A NannyCam is an affordable way to see and document how your children are treated when you are gone. You can also see if there are unauthorized persons on the premises, or you can record personnel as they perform their duties in your home or office. [you can move this unit from room to room just as you would any household electronics!].

  • We have incorporated a working VHS, HQ VCR with a Micro Video Camera. The video camera is completely undetectable and the front panel on the VCR-Cam tm has been deactivated so only the user can start and stop the tape.

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    The VCR Camera is simple to operate and will setup in less than 2 minutes. The VCR-Camera is Perfect for: Documenting Covert Drug Deals or baby-sitters!

    No installation required. At a 2.4 GHZ frequency and self-correcting digital transmission, this wireless system matches even the very best law enforcement systems at a fraction of the cost. This unit is completely undetectable and comes with a full one year warranty! This Camera is one of our BEST sellers!

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    The receiver is connected to the VCR and/or TV up to 1500 feet (ca. 450 meter) away from the camera. The signal will travel 1500 feet line of sight and will typically penetrate 2-3 interior walls up to 600 feet away!