Avlyttingsfri telefon

Er du redd for at noen avlytter telefonen din?

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Da er kanskje CornerSpyShop stedet for deg.

Her kan du kjøpe et "telephone tap defeat system" til 360 dollar.

  • The system is essential for peace of mind when using the telephone.

    It simply connects to the telephone line and the telephone plugs into the device. Once this has been done, calls can be made and received with peace of mind knowing that the line is safe.

    The tap defeat system keeps the line voltage low, so any line voltage dependent devices will not activate. It also starves any transmitting devices of power so they will not work either. And for any type of device connected to the line that does not require line voltage, an ultrasonic tone is emitted along the line to keep any recorders on so they run out of tape.

    Avlyttingsfri telefon

    As a secondary precaution, a voltage display module is included to display the line voltage at all times.