Avlytt eksens samtaler

Denne var så patetisk at vi bare måtte ta den med. Men har du lyst til å bli virkelighetens "cable guy", er nok denne midt i blinken.

At naboene antagelig vil ringe etter den hvite bilen er en helt annen sak.

The Parabol mic ser i hvert fall fryktinngytende ut, og koster den nette sum av 799 dollar:

  • For its size, this is probably the world's best "parabolic" microphone.

    Developed over a three year research period and constantly updated, this professional quality "long range" microphone is widely accepted by video, film and recording engineers.

    [Ugjyldig objekt (NAV)]

    Unit comes complete with a vinyl covered "hard" carrying case with fitted compartments for the microphone components. Assembles ready for use in less than two minutes.

    It has excellent sensitivity: the EPM is capable of picking up and magnifying signals up to 75 times that of a normal omni-directional microphone while remaining virtually impervious to overload.