Siste nytt: Ny kabal i Windows!

DinSide Data kan som første tidsskrift i Norge presentere en splitter ny kabal til Windows. Foreløpig har vi bare fått tak i "readme.txt" som følger med installasjonen, og her er den.


Microsoft Solitaire 2000
README file, v4.3



Welcome to the wonderful world of Microsoft Solitaire 2000!
For years, our users have made demands, and Microsoft has listened.

System Requirements:

- 500 MHz Pentium III or better
- 800 megabytes of free hard drive space (2.1 gigabytes recommended)
- 128 megabytes of RAM (256 megabytes for Vegas scoring)

Installation Procedure:

1. Insert the CD-ROM entitled "Microsoft Solitaire" into your CD-ROM

2. An installation dialog box should appear on your screen. If it
does not, you may need to purchase more memory or a larger hard
disk drive. See your local Microsoft-certified dealer.

3. Insert the CD-ROM entitled "Microsoft Solitaire, Disc 2" into
your CD-ROM drive.

4. An installation dialog box should appear on your screen. If it
does not, you may need to upgrade to a Microsoft "Natural"
keyboard, which you can obtain from your nearest dealer.

5. After the installation program has completed, check your
"Programs" menu for a new Solitaire 2000 entry. If the program
entry was not successfully created, you may need to uninstall
all local copies of Netscape Navigator and/or Communicator and
restart the Solitaire installation process from scratch.

Playing The Game:

Assuming that Solitaire 2000 has been properly installed, you should
be able to find it in your "Programs" menu (you should have
verified this as part of the installation process.) Microsoft
recommends that you shut down all other programs that may be
running on the system before starting Solitaire 2000.

To start the game, simply select it from the "Programs" menu. If
the game does not start within five to seven minutes of selection,
you may need to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office
to ensure that your system has the proper DLLs that Solitaire needs.

For game rules, refer to the .HLP files for the Windows 3.1
version of Solitaire. If you don't have these files, you can
purchase them online from Microsoft at very competitive rates.

Coming Soon:

Minesweeper 2000 !!