Om APS versjon 2.0

Hei, denne artikkelen er over ett år gammel og kan innholde utdatert informasjon

To all,

I have been given permission by EMU / ENSONIQ product
marketing to make this statement about our forthcoming
E-mu APS V2.0 software.

EMU / ENSONIQ has every intention on continuing to enhance
the E-mu APS product to meet and exceed the needs of our
customers, given the scope of other similar audio products
and given our ability to develop new and exciting software.

APS V2.0 software began as an ambitious concept and has
become a much more ambitious project. There are several
reasons for this: new software technologies appearing, in
house development of other tools than were at first not
related to APS, feedback from end users and a strengthening
relationship between the EMU / ENSONIQ and Creative
Technology software development teams.

The focus of this project has been to make APS V2.0 a
fully multimedia compliant, cross platform and cross OS
product, while at the same time enhancing the features
that our customers use the most on the product. This has
allowed us to make the APS much more than a Windows 95
only sound card, however that decision made it difficult to
deliver the software to our customers in the time frame
we had originally hoped.

As a part of our continued committment to our current
E-mu APS customer base, the APS V2.0 software suite will
be available as a *free* software update for registered
E-mu APS owners. This software will also be 100% compatible
with the hardware and software features used in other
EMU10K1 products, such as Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!,
and will be available to those customers as a purchased

This fact will change the way we will be able to deliver the
E-mu APS V2.0 software to APS customers. While we don't
know exactly how this will change, it will be a really good
idea for you to register your APS product with EMU / ENSONIQ
as soon as possible, if you have not already done so.

E-mu APS V2.0 software is expected to be finalized and
shipping by March/April of 2000. Early in the new year we
will be looking for registered APS users to help us with beta

To further aid our development effort we would like to
announce an initial set of features we aim to include in
Version 2.0 on this newsgroup. Please note that this
feature set is not yet finalized and may well be amended,
updated and /or added to during the development
process. We would welcome any thoughts you may have
about these features and any which you would like to
see included. Please note this is a software update and
therefore additional hardware support (such as more inputs)
will not be possible with APS V2.0 alone.

We thank you in advance for your patience, in allowing us
ample time and opportunity to make APS 2.0 software a complete,
robust and feature-rich upgrade for your Audio Production Studio

The E-mu Audio Production Studio Development Team

EMU / ENSONIQ Music and Audio Systems
Creative Advanced Technology Center

APS Version 2.0 provisional feature list (Alpha)

OS Support
Microsoft Windows 95 (OSR1, OSR2, OSR3), 98 (OSR1)
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, VxD and WDM driver models
Microsoft Windows Millennium
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Windows 2000
Red Hat Linux 6.0, 2.2.5-15 and 2.2.12 single and SMP kernels
(Mac drivers will be available a couple of months after the PC drivers
are available)

API Support
Full DirectSound 7 compliance
plus EAX 2.0 with Creative Buffer Management
Full Microsoft Multimedia System compliance
Microsoft Mixer
Microsoft Multi-channel Wave format support
Multi-client support for MIDI Input and Output ports
Multi-client support for Synth A and Synth B (#)
Full Microsoft WDM Audio compliance (*)
plus DirectMusic Acceleration (*)
Linux OSS, /dev/midi, /dev/sequencer, /dev/audio support

Device Feature Support
Multi-card support with shared sample memory across cards
New MIDI Device for Effects and Mixer Automation
Creative/Ensoniq 1024 voice AudioPCI GM software synthesizer

Sample-Playback Enhancements
2 GB sample memory limit, based on amount of host RAM in your system
Independently assignable sample set for Synth A and Synth B
MMA Downloadable Sounds (DLS) Level 1 and 2 Support
MIDI System Exclusive Support:
* GM System On/Off
* TSSB #144 (for loading SF2/DLS files)
Sound Blaster AWE NRPN support (Phat Boy mode II)

Effects Support
Complete effects loading configuration
* loading effects, peak-meters and sub-mixing units any number of times
Complete topology configuration flexibility
* arbitrary routing of signals through effects, meters and mixing unit
* full automation of effects parameters via MIDI
* use of MIDI channels / audio streams as mono or stereo sources
* configurable wave/MIDI strips permits up to 8 stereo / 16 mono user strips
New effects
* Vocoder
* Improved Flanger
* Phaser
* High-order filter section
* Leslie simulator
* SBLive! Vocal Morpher, Frequency Shifter, Parametric EQ

EMU10KView -
Replacement for E-Control / E-mu APS Mixer
Graphical and classic Mixer views of effects engine
Drag-and-drop loading of effects and mixing blocks
New 4 and 5.1 channel mixer/aux bus modules
Pre/post fader selector for aux send amounts
Point-and-click patching of audio and control signals
Ability to assign MIDI automation parameters
* Control path routing
* MIDI channel/controller to effect parameter
Complete save and restore of entire configurations
Importing of E-mu APS .EMS files and SBLive! Environment Presets

Sound Blaster Live!
Full support for all SBLive! applications
(Including Surround Mixer, PlayCenter and LAVA!)

Other applications and utilities, To Be Announced

(#) So long as the OS permits it
(&) Windows Platforms only
(*) Windows 2000 and 98 Second edition with WDM drivers only


This document is intended as a discussion document only and does not
constitute a contract to provide any of the features discussed. These
features may be changed at our discretion and without prior notice.