Dette er nytt i Kingsoft Office 2013

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Kingsoft Office 2013 ( New Features List

General New Features
1. Added 2013 Elegant Black and 2013 Water Blue interface, supported switching between 2013 style interface and classic style interface
2. Supported date and number formats of European countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zeland
3. Supported inputting Euro and GBP symbols by using keyboard
4. Supported the shortcut key of ALTGr
5. Supported undoing an action after saving documents
6. Supported returning to the document directly after Kingsoft Office crashing
7. Added Kingsoft Office Facebook on the Help menu
8. Supported creating new document from other templates

Kingsoft Writer New Features
1. Supported show footnote/endnote separator function
2. Supported embed characters used in the document
3. Added the option of Remember dimensions for new tables
4. Supported line numbers function

Kingsoft Presentation New Features
1. Supported creating or deleting comments in presentation
2. Supported organization chart function in 2013 style interface
3. Supported file package to folder and compress files function
4. Added Show/Hide Note button on the status bar
5. Support saving the background picture of slides as pictures function
6. Support replace fonts function

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Kingsoft Spreadsheets New Features
1. Supported memory for the reading layout function
2. Supported worksheet size 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns
3. Supported goal seek function
4. Supprted 37 new functions, including financial and statistic functions
5. Supported multiple filters function
6. Supported locating the visible cells by using the shortcut key of Alt+;
7. Added Normal View, Page Break Preview, and Reading Layout buttons on the status bar

Kingsoft Writer Fixes
1. Optimized page numbers function
2. Optimized the balloons of Track Changes

Kingsoft Presentation Fixes
1. Optimized operations on table in presentation
2. Optimized reading Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 presentations format

Kingsoft Spreadsheets Fixes
1. Optimized reading Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 files format
2. Optimized worksheet tabs, including adding font size, New Sheet button

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