Databransjens brev til Justisdepartementet

26 av den amerikanske databransjens mest markante menn har skrevet følgende brev til Justisdepartementet, i håp om å "redde" lanseringen av Windows 99. DinSide gjengir her hele brevet.

Joel Klein
Assistant Attorney General
Antitrust Division
U.S. Department of Justice

Dear Mr. Klein:
We are writing to express our strongest possible concern that the release of Windows 98 would be enjoined by government antitrust litigation. We represent PC industry companies employing hundreds of thousands of American workers. Our success depends on the freedom of Microsoft and the rest of America's personal computer industry to create new and innovative products. While we do not here express an opinion on the merits of any investigation of Microsoft, we respectfully urge you not to take any action that might delay or block the release of Windows 98.

We -- and many other companies in the PC industry -- have spent millions of dollars developing, marketing and promoting products and services that depend on the on-time launch of Windows 98. The consumer PC business is a seasonal one, and any delay to Windows 98 will undermine our ability to include these products and services in the "back-to-school" and holiday demand -- traditionally the industry's strongest sales seasons.
The direct effect on the U.S. economy of a delay to Windows 98 would be considerable: more than 2 million Americans, for instance, develop software that runs on Windows, while a similar number work in the computer services industry. Millions more work in industries creating new hardware devices, including many that Windows 98 supports for the first time. But any action against Windows 98 would also have a broader impact. Businesses would be unable to reap the productivity gains promised by a new generation of software and PCs working in tandem. Consumers, deprived of the right to buy the latest innovative PC operating system -- and therefore the reason to buy new devices and software that work with it -- would keep their cash in their pocketbooks. Interfering with the release of Windows 98 would drag down the entire industry's efforts to deliver value to customers and returns to shareholders.

Artikkelen fortsetter under annonsen

Ours is one of the most innovative, competitive and productive industries in the world. The pace at which new products are launched is breathtaking: New competitors arrive on the scene every day; prices continue to fall. Few industries have come so far, so fast, or have produced so many benefits for consumers and the economy as a whole. Government intervention into the launch of Windows 98 would endanger what we have all worked for -- and harm consumers and the economy, too.


W.J. Sanders III
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

Michael Krasny
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
CDW Computer Centers Inc.

Charles Crystle
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
ChiliSoft Inc.

Sam Patterson
Chief Executive Officer

Nathan Morton
Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Computer City Inc.

Michael Dell
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Dell Computer Corp.

Mark Uland
Elsinore Technologies Inc.

Lewis Platt
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer
Hewlett-Packard Co.

Eckhard Pfeiffer
President and Chief Executive Officer
Compaq Computer Corp.

James Halpin
President and Chief Executive Officer
CompUSA Inc.

Howard Diamond
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Corporate Software and Technology Inc.

Jeffrey Giffiths
Senior Vice President
Electronics Boutique Inc.

Joseph Cayre
GT Interactive Services Corp.

Timothy A Crown
Insight Enterprises Inc.

Andy Grove
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Intel Corp.

Dwight Steffensen
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Merisel Inc.

Michael Feuer
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
OfficeMax Inc.

Mike Sax
Sax Software Corp.

Teruaki Aoki
President and Chief Executive Officer
Sony Electronics Inc.

Jay Amato
President and Chief Executive Officer
Vanstar Corp.

Rob Burgess
Macromedia Inc.

Joseph Daltoso
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Micron Electronics Inc.

Beny Alagem
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and President
Packard Bell NEC Inc.

Robert Wolf
Sheridan Software Systems Inc.

Gordon Eubanks Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Symantec Corp.

Ted Johnson
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Visio Corp.